Born from the trials of being a caregiver for his father with Parkinson’s Disease, Adrian Goad discovered his own gift and passion for health sciences, nutrition and overall wellness in his late 20’s. His passion became his focus, and in 2005, he went on to launch his own online health and wellness business that later evolved into his leadership role with Emerald Essentials. In 2008, Emerald Essentials was founded, and Adrian became a key leader in the company’s overall formation, development and growth. His belief in the power of real food-based nutrition ultimately drove him to develop the Foundational Nutrition™ Product Line for Emerald Essentials™.


With cancer spreading throughout her family, Valerie Haboush became an advocate of eating right, exercising, and understanding how what we put in our body can affect/improve our overall health. For many years, while running her successful marketing business, she taught Pilates and strength training to help others benefit from her philosophies.

As a health and fitness enthusiast who tried many supplements and health products, Valerie was particularly drawn to Emerald Essentials because of its extremely unique mission and product integrity. She began spreading the word about the company and its offerings as Emerald’s copywriter, web and marketing consultant, then became actively involved in helping with product selection and naming, strategic planning, distributor support and public relations efforts.

“Our guiding principle is to provide you and your family with the purest, most natural and organic sources of body care.”