Organic Bamboo Mist™ Skin Toner

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Tones, Firms, Brightens, Hydrates & Nourishes the Surface of Your Skin!

Our sensational Bamboo Mist™ product is one you absolutely can't live without. Use it any time of day, as many times a day, to:

  • Tone and firm your skin
  • Restore and brighten skin tone
  • Leave your skin fully hydrated and nourished!

Beyond cosmetic surgery itself, there is NO other combination of products that comes close to giving you the same dramatically noticeable outcome as using Daily Infusion™ and Bamboo Mist™. The ultimate advantage is that our proven system relies ONLY on a combination of the powerful substances that have been present in nature throughout human history - no chemicals, no surgery!

"Bamboo Mist™ is a must-have for keeping your skin beautiful all day long. It's also an essential component in our incredibly-effective Fast-Firming Facelift System that is unrivaled in achieving anti-aging results!"

Structured Bamboo Water

Structured Bamboo Water
Bamboo water provides instant and long-term hydration and increases the skin's strength or resilience. With magnetically aligned spring water, bamboo sap penetrates the skin and locks in moisture. It’s been found that it can improve epidermal homeostasis,supporting to the healing of wounds.



PX3™ is our proprietary bio-extracted pine bark extract blended from three specific species of pine trees. PX3™ binds with collagen and elastin to help rebuild elasticity and helps reduce hyperpigmentation (brown spots) for a smoother, younger looking complexion. PX3™ also supports the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid in skin, known for its promotion of better skin elasticity and water retention.

Spring Water


Spring Water

Pure spring water with its natural minerals acts as a moisturizer to the skin, preventing it from drying out, helping to maintain its elasticity and giving it a general healthy, glowing appearance. Staying hydrated is essential to your well-being. Water helps flush impurities out of the body, helps regulate body temperature, and carries nutrients and oxygen in the cells.

Organic Orange Oil

Organic Orange Oil

Orange oil is shown to promote the production of collagen as well as increase the blood flow to the skin. It is helpful at soothing dry, irritated skin as well as acne-prone skin. It is also excellent for rubbing on calluses on the feet. Applying orange oil to the skin helps to reduce inflammation, improve the skin tone and texture, and combat acne and dermatitis.

Horseradish Root

Horseradish Root

Horseradish Root is rich in vitamin C plus contains selenium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. It is known as a great skincare treatment to remove spots and blemishes, and to lighten unwanted discoloration of the skin.

Fulvic Acid Mineral Complex

Fulvic Acid Mineral Complex

Fulvic acid is a miracle molecule cluster in nature that revitalizes cellular health. It serves as a powerful electrolyte to restore the electrical potential in cells which helps bring an attractive glow to the skin; neutralizes all forms of free radicals to help rid you of age spots and restore the structural integrity of your skin - giving you tighter, more toned skin; delivers a mineral cluster in a small enough size to be utilized by cells to produce more new collagen and elastin fibers for a more youthful look; and helps your cells create new skin faster so your skin always appears fresh and radiant.

All Ingredients: Fresh Spring Water, Bio-Extracted Structured Bamboo Water, Bio-Extracted Fulvic Acid Mineral Complexes, Organic Orange Essential Oil, Bio-Extracted Horseradish Root.




(1) 4 oz. Container

  • Bamboo Mist™ and Daily Infusion™ Facelift Cream can be used in conjunction with any of our other products.
  • Makeup can be applied when your face is dry.
  • Note that just because your skin feels tight after use, this does NOT mean it is dry. Use the tip of your finger, and feel your skin to get an accurate reading.

Bamboo Mist™ helps drive the Daily Infusion™ Facelift Cream deep into the skin (see our Fast-Firming Facelift System instructions); however, you can also use this mister to moisturize and tone your skin any time of the day. For heavy misting, as is needed when using with the facelift cream, hold the mister closer to your face. For lighter misting and independent use, hold farther away.

Bamboo Mist™ by Relevé™ Organic Skincare (Emerald Essentials)

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Releve' Organic Skincare testimonial from satisfied customer, 28 year old Becky. Becky trusted Releve' to the most important day of her life. The result? Beautiful clear skin!

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