Sun-Lite™ Moisturizing Organic Sunscreen

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The Only Sunscreen with 100% Hand-Filleted Raw Aloe Vera
The Most Natural SPF Protection Ever Developed!

We've bottled the best nature has to offer for skin protection and created the most natural SPF protection ever made! Our Sun-Lite SPF 20 Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion is an all-natural, non-toxic organic sun block that has NO silicone oil (Dimethicone), NO titanium dioxide (which Canada considers a carcinogen), NO nano-size or fine particles (including metals). It contains 100% natural mineral pigments for broad spectrum UVA, UVB and UVC coverage, plus offers exceptional moisturizing benefits because we use generous amounts of 100% organic hand-filleted Aloe Vera (the most healing substance nature provides us for overexposure to the sun) that no other sunscreens come close to.

Our all-natural sunscreen contains the all-natural mineral zinc oxide, and NOT A SINGLE CHEMICAL like most others on the market. Besides being chemical-free, this light, non-greasy organic lotion is also fragrance free, making it safe for daily use by adults as well as children over six months of age.

Sun-Lite Sunscreen works fast and requires no absorption time. Its innovatively pure yet highly effective formula provides the ultimate sun protection, plus moisturizes, heals and nourishes your skin too!

Raw Hand-Filleted Aloe Vera

Raw Organic Aloe Vera
Aloe has been used for centuries for its healing properties on acne, sunburn, frostbite, shingles, psoriasis, rosacea, warts, wrinkles, eczema, for preventing scarring, and for anti-aging and skin renewal. Aloe Vera contains protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, B12, E, essential fatty acids, and is naturally rich in amino acids and enzymes. Our organic, hand filleted Aloe Vera is grown and processed on a parcel of land that has been growing organic plants since the early 1970s. The soil is so vibrant that the Aloe leaves are massive in size.

Organic Beeswax

Organic Beeswax

Acting as a surfactant, beeswax, when blended in skin lotions, forms a protective barrier on the surface of the skin. This barrier provides a film of protection against irritants while still allowing the skin to breathe. Its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits also make it effective for healing skin. When added to skincare products, beeswax also acts an emollient and humectant, drawing moisture to the skin and sealing it in; plus it contains vitamin A which is beneficial in softening and rehydrating dry skin, and in cell reconstruction.

Spring Water


Spring Water

Pure spring water with its natural minerals acts as a moisturizer to the skin, preventing it from drying out, helping to maintain its elasticity and giving it a general healthy, glowing appearance. Staying hydrated is essential to your well-being. Water helps flush impurities out of the body, helps regulate body temperature, and carries nutrients and oxygen in the cells.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil has a fine texture, and is easily absorbed by the skin. It has great emollient properties, making it an ideal skincare and cosmetic ingredient without leaving a tacky or oily residue. Grapeseed oil has mildly astringent qualities which help tighten and tone the skin. As a light and finely textured oil that is non-comedogenic, it is very useful for moisturizing and adding emollient properties for anti-aging or on many problem skin conditions. The antioxidant effect of grapeseed oil is most useful when fighting the ravages of aging against the oxidative stress caused by free radicals.



PX3™ is our proprietary bio-extracted pine bark extract blended from three specific species of pine trees. PX3™ binds with collagen and elastin to help rebuild elasticity and helps reduce hyperpigmentation (brown spots) for a smoother, younger looking complexion. PX3™ also supports the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid in skin, known for its promotion of better skin elasticity and water retention.

Sunflower Seed Lecithin

Sunflower Seed Lecithin

Sunflower seed lecithin is the superior plant source for phospholipids. Phospholipids are essential molecules that are found in the lining of practically every cell in the body. They are very important for cellular protection and communication.

Active Ingredient: Zinc Oxide (20%), Inactive Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Fresh Spring Water, Vegetable Wax, Organic Beeswax, Grapeseed Oil, Sunflower Seed Lecithin, Coconut Fatty Acids, Pine Bark Extract, Fermented Horseradish, Organic Grapefruit Extract.




  • Light, non-greasy
  • Broad spectrum UVA, UVB, UVC
  • Chemical-free -safe for use on the face and body
  • Designed for all skin types
  • Biodegradable
  • All natural; organic ingredients; no nano
  • Vitamins, minerals & antioxidants
  • Protects from the sun's harmful rays, plus provides extra benefits that hydrate, moisturize, heal and nourish your skin

Sun-Lite FDA Label

Apply evenly to exposed areas on your face and body and massage into the skin. It's helpful to use a cosmetic sponge around your face area. Reapply throughout the day, especially if getting in and out of water.


Award-Winning Sun-Lite&trade Moisturizing Sunscreen by Releve' Organic Skincare (Emerald Essentials)

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