Michelle V Barnes

Michelle Barnes obtained five CrossFit certifications as she embarked on her CrossFit Master’s career. She accomplished a thirteenth-place world finish in 2013 and a podium finish of the bronze medal in 2015 at the CrossFit Games in Los Angeles, California. She states “I heard about Action Whey™ when I was reading the book, ‘Cave Women Don't Get Fat’. The author recommended this protein over all others on the market. I am currently ranked number 1 in the USA and number 3 in the world for Cross fit. I am preparing to attend the 2015 World Processional Reebok crossfit games for the masters age group 55-59 so I take my products very serious. The taste is wonderful and mixes very well. This is a very clean product and adding BioCystein3 is a bonus. I plan to stay on it!

Michelle is a devout Christian who lives in Arroyo Grande, a beautiful area of the central coast of California, with her husband, Randy, and her quarter horse, Roze of Sharon. Michelle has one daughter in California, and three stepchildren residing in Alaska and Oklahoma. Michelle graduated from the University of Alaska at Anchorage with a bachelor’s of science in physical education. She has been an entrepreneur nearly all her life, with the tendency to help others. Her quest to educate and help others achieve their health goals is her primary concern. She recently published the book “Through the Eyes of a Master”. 

Here are the links to the book on Amazon and her website:

Through the Eyes of a Master on Amazon



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