Dr. Marshall

Dr. Daniel E. Marshall graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in 1991 and has been in active practice in the Portland area since 1992. He has trained with top chiropractors around the world, and awarded Chiropractor of the Year and All State Award from WLP, as well as, having received the National Leadership Award. He has been honored in the Strathmore's Who's Who for leadership, achievement, and dedication to his profession.

Andrea Marshall, RN, BSN graduated from California State University, Fresno with a Bachelors Degree in Nursing. Her experience ranges from ER/Trauma, Hemodialysis, Labor & Delivery and Holistic Wellness Care. Her desire to focus on wellness care through natural means took her out of the hospital setting and in practice with her husband. Together they have created a chiropractic wellness clinic with an emphasis on helping people achieve optimal health and wellness.

After trying numerous weight loss programs that did not work, Dr. Marshall and Andrea decided to create the Right Weight Lifestyle™ Weight Loss Program that uses both the Action Whey and Emerald Sea products. They are also on the program and what they have noticed both personally and from their clients is a 3-7 pound weight loss per week, increased energy and overall sense of well being, and decreased joint pain. Lab results also reflect several significant improvements.

"We were thrilled to find a whole food protein to fit in our program that didn't have artificial sweeteners, or soy, and came from grass fed cows without hormones and antibiotics, and no preservatives added to the product. Patient compliance on the program has not been a problem because of the great taste, low cost, and ease of the program."

“Our guiding principle is to provide you and your family with the purest, most natural and organic sources of Foundational Nutrition.”