Why You Should NEVER Use Chemical Sunscreens (FOX NEWS)

Posted by Adrian Goad on 05/11/2017

Bad sunburn sunscreen fail

Ouch!  While the fear of a burn may be your motivation for using sunscreen, there are some surprising dangers hidden in the ingredients of most commercial sunscreens. 

Katie Kimball, a professional blogger, was recently featured on Fox News to discuss these hidden dangers.  Katie and her family invested a lot of time evaluating 70 brands that promote themselves as being natural and safe.  After all was said and done, she only chose 5 brands to recommend.

She chose Sun-Lite™!

Even though they mispronounced Relevé ( pronounced Reh-la-vay), we were so happy to hear about this news story featuring our very own Sun-Lite™ Organic Sunscreen on Fox News! Woohoo!

Sun-Lite continues to be recognized as the premier natural sunscreen.  The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has chosen Sun-Lite 6 years in a row for their annual "Best Sunscreens" guide, a scientific review of sunscreens based on the safety of ingredients.

Sun-Lite is also the ONLY sunscreen on the market that includes raw (biologically-active), hand-fileted Aloe Vera for the ultimate in protection and healing.

We are so thankful to see this amazing product being recognized across the industry.

We would also like to thank Katie Kimball for discovering our sunscreen and recognizing its premium quality.  Check out her blog at www.kitchenstewardship.com.

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