Screen Your Sunscreens Before You Rub One On!

Posted by Adrian Goad on 08/09/2016

So you’re about to head to the beach and think it could be unsafe to expose your skin to too many harmful rays, and you spread on the sunscreen – the higher the SPF the better right? Well, did you know that most SUNSCREENS are actually dangerous? 

As stated in an online article by FLORUM Fashion Magazine, which recently rated our Relevé Sun-Lite™ SPF 20 Moisturizing Organic Sunscreen among the “11 BEST NATURAL SUNSCREENS YOU CAN USE EVERYDAY,” the concern about sunscreens initially came to light because of disturbing statistics from a Mayo Clinic Proceeding which showed skin cancer rates on the rise by 4.3% annually - despite the fact that we’re spending less time outdoors and wearing more sunscreen!

Here’s another shocking fact the article revealed: almost 75% of sunscreens tested by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), an American environmental organization that specializes in research and advocacy in the areas of toxic chemicals, agricultural subsidies, public lands, and corporate accountability, are found to be TOXIC and can actually cause more harm than good to your skin.

The EWG 'Sunscreen Hall of Shame' puts the spotlight on some of the most popular and dangerous sunscreen brands on the market today. Before you rub, read.

Here ( you can find lots more information on how sunscreens can be unsafe and what safe alternatives this highly reputable organization suggests.

For the FIFTH YEAR IN A ROW, Relevé Sun-Lite™ SPF 20 Moisturizing Organic Sunscreen by Emerald Essentials (link) has been recognized by EWG and included in their BEST SUNSCREENS GUIDE. This all-natural, non-toxic organic sunblock has no silicone oil (Dimethicone), no titanium dioxide (which Canada considers a carcinogen), and no nano-size or fine particles (including metals).

Sun-Lite™ contains 100% natural mineral pigments and offers exceptional moisturizing benefits, due to the 100% organic, raw hand-filleted Aloe Vera (the most healing substance nature has provided for overexposure to the sun). Another unique ingredient in our product is PX3™, which is derived from pine bark of three pine species. This miracle product binds with collagen and elastin to help rebuild elasticity in your skin, plus helps reduce hyperpigmentation (so none of those brown sunspots appear). 

Our all-natural sunscreen contains the absolute highest quality, mineral zinc oxide, and not a single toxic chemical like many other brands out there. This light, non-greasy organic lotion is also fragrance-free, making it safe for daily use by adults as well as children over six months of age. Sun-Lite™ provides the ultimate sun protection, plus moisturizes, heals and nourishes your skin!

Besides being completely healthy, Sun-Lite™ is also Leaping Bunny™ Certified, which means it’s a 100 percent cruelty-free, animal-friendly product, another value we believe in.

Sun-Safe Guarantee:  Try our top-selling Sun-Lite™ Moisturizing Sunscreen absolutely risk-free!  If you don't think it's the best, all-natural sunscreen on the market, we will gladly refund your money.  Yes, it's that good!


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