Her Eyebrows Actually Grew Back!

Posted by Adrian Goad on 05/29/2017

We are so blessed to receive many amazing testimonials from people about our products, and we love pictures even more!

Take a look at these before and after pictures sent to us from a customer! 

Eyebrow Before After Pics

Here is the testimonial she sent to us:

"Hi, my name is Althea, I am writing this testimony to brag on Emerald Sea™. I just love this product and recommend it to the world. It is pure and organic with no fillers. I am amazed and excited about the quick results I have experienced in such a short time.

I went through a major illness which caused my body to be drained and depleted from minerals and vitamins. Due to the deficiencies in my body, I began to lose my hair by the handful and to make matters worse my eyebrows began thinning.

It’s been a long journey of restoration with lots of doctor visits and home remedies.  However, nothing was working. 

Lucky for me I discovered Emerald Sea™ through a mutual friend, and my new journey began. Upon taking this product, I noticed results in as little as three weeks, I actually have a full set of eyebrows now! My hair is fuller and thicker and my eyelashes have grown longer and thicker as well.

Words alone cannot express my gratefulness for such an awesome product. Thank you so much Emerald Essentials!"

Thank you for sharing your awesome story with us Althea.  We wish more people could discovery what you did.  However, most people have no idea that the vast majority of modern day humans are chronically mineral deficient in one or more trace minerals.  Although they are only needed in very small amounts, they are absolutely critical to the health and function of every single cell in the human body. For some, the results of taking a daily supplement like Emerald Sea, the results have been life-changing.

As a bonus, many people also report improvements in their hair, skin and nails!

Learn more about the miracle of minerals in seaweed.

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