Emerald Sea™ is Changing Lives - The Miracle of Organic Seaweed

Posted by Adrian Goad on 12/19/2016

Hello Friends!

The most fulfilling part of my life is knowing that something I did helped others live better. It is both humbling and uplifting to see years of hard work come to fruition as people share their stories with us.

Here is a wonderful recent example about Emerald Sea™:

"Best supplements I've ever taken! This product is the real thing! Just days after taking it I felt more clear focused energy and now at the end of my first bottle my back and knees (which I was having fatigue and a little pain) feel almost like new again.. my favorite thing is how I can just pop outta bed in the morning no problem. I'm definitely ordering more! The people at Emerald Essentials are good at communicating and very polite as well!" Todd L.

When I first started hearing that some people were experiencing significant improvements in just a matter of days, I was surprised and assumed they were just perhaps overzealous.  

However, as I heard this from more and more happy customers, I realized the stark reality of the very principles I used to formulate our products – Foundational Nutrition. 

Although trace minerals are only needed in small quantities, they are still each individually CRITICAL to overall balance and health within the body.  Some people are so deficient in certain trace minerals that they literally spring back to life once their body starts receiving every single trace mineral needed on a daily basis.

In fact, by simply adding 1 to 2 capsules of Emerald Sea™ to each meal, you’ll be getting a broad spectrum of vital nutrients and trace minerals necessary for optimal health, and your body will thank you!

I highly encourage you to learn more about organic seaweed and what it can do for your life! To learn more, please click here.

To learn more about Foundational Nutrition™ and our 3 cornerstone products, please click here.

Be Well and Be Happy!



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“Our guiding principle is to provide you and your family with the purest, most natural and organic sources of Foundational Nutrition.”