Chocolate Almond Ice Cream that's Delicious and High in Protein!

Posted by Adrian Goad on 04/27/2015

I love experimenting in the kitchen. I also LOOOOOVE ice cream, especially chocolate almond ice cream! I am extremely careful with what I eat, but that doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy a creamy, frozen treat this time of year!

Do you have an ice cream maker? Any type will do. Mine is a little one that was less than $30. It works well and makes a yummy treat in less than 30 minutes. My husband and my boys went to the local frozen yogurt place where you add a bunch of toppings and pay per pound. While they were gone, I whipped this up for myself.

This recipe yields 1 serving–you can certainly alter it to make more.

*1 ripe banana

*1 scoop Action Whey (your choice of flavor–I used vanilla)

*1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

*3/4 cup of unsweetened almond milk

*Optional: almonds to garnish

Warm the almond milk and cocoa powder either in the microwave for 40 seconds or on the stove over low heat. Stir. Put sliced banana and Action Whey in a blender and pour the almond milk/cocoa mix. Blend. Pour into your ice cream maker and churn until ready. My ice cream was done in less than 20 minutes! I topped with almonds.

I felt no need to add sugar. The banana and Action Whey provided plenty of natural sweetness. If you feel you need more, go ahead and add a bit of raw honey or natural sweetener of your choice, but I do not think it is needed.

This “ice cream” is creamy and chocolate-y and just plain delicious! Look for new summer treats using Action Whey and Raw Burst on our blog!

Originally posted by blogger Karley Ziegler Mott

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