Whey Protein Boosts Glutathione Production

Posted by Adrian Goad on 02/21/2015

What Foods Best Promote Glutathione Production and Preservation?

Numerous scientific references focus on the one natural food source that best promotes glutathione production: the natural (non-denatured) conformation of whey protein as found in fresh, raw milk. Quality non-denatured whey provides not just all the key amino acids for glutathione production (cysteine, glycine and glutamate); it also contains a unique cysteine compound which is highly bioactive in its affinity to convert to glutathione.

Glutamylcysteine is a bonded cysteine molecule (cysteine + glutamate) which naturally occurs in the Bovine Serum Albumin – a fragile immuno-component of the whey. Note that this unique cysteine residue is exclusive to whey and rarely appears in other protein foods. These factors make natural, non-denatured whey protein the best glutathione promoting food source currently known to science.

However, it is critical that the whey protein conformation not be damaged (denatured) during the processing. The majority of commercial whey proteins are denatured via high-heat pasteurization, mechanical stress, and other processes that utilize acidic bathes, ion-exchange, or hydrolization. All of these common techniques diminish the protein’s ability to support intracellular glutathione production.

Furthermore, quality whey provides other critical, but fragile co-factors: immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and alpha lactalbumin (also a great source of cysteine) which all together help create the right metabolic environment for high glutathione activity.

Whey is not the only food that promotes glutathione. Other whole foods including cheese, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, germs, roots, vegetables and fruits can help promote glutathione or work as co-factors. However, these foods have little impact in creating significant changes in a person’s glutathione status.

The net increase in glutathione levels depend not just on the factors that boost glutathione but also on the factors that prevent glutathione from declining. A natural glutathione boost clearly depends on the REDUCTION of elements that deplete glutathione. Most notable among them are chemicals, toxins and sugar.

Action Whey™ with BioCysteine3®

Action Whey™ is designed to provide all the necessary elements for naturally boosting glutathione and also preventing its decline.

1) It provides all the key amino acids, particularly cysteine, which occurs in its most bioactive form as part of the bovine serum albumin component in BioCysteine3®.  As noted, cysteine rarely appears in other protein sources. Cysteine is habitually destroyed through cooking or heat/acid processing and is therefore deficient in most protein foods and products.

BioCysteine3® is processed in a careful manner that meets GMP and FDA standards and requirements while also protecting the fragile protein conformation (non-denatured). This is critical to retaining all the original benefits that would be found in fresh raw whey – the optimal form of consumption. The fragile Cysteine peptide bonds are also maintained as necessary for optimal intracellular glutathione production.

Not only does Action Whey™ retain the original structure, and thus the original biological activity, it also includes both a concentrate and whole form of whey in order to more closely resemble the original, natural raw whey consumed throughout history.

2) BioCysteine3® contains alpha lactalbumin and beta lactoglobulin both of which are great sources of cysteine. It also provides other immuno & antioxidant components that support glutathione levels.

3) Action Whey™ is low glycemic with no sugar added. Elevated blood sugar and hyperinsulinemia have shown to significantly lower glutathione levels.

4) Action Whey™ is easily digestible, chemical free, and thus minimizes metabolic stress. Metabolic stress lowers glutathione levels.

5) Action Whey™ also contains beta-glucans and the immuno-boosting arabinogalactan fiber that further promotes a healthy metabolic environment and natural glutathione support.

6) Action Whey™ contains fast energizing nutrients (MCT) which do not raise blood sugar and therefore promotes the right metabolic energy that favors glutathione synthesis.


The ability for dietary cysteine to boost glutathione status is clearly documented in medical literature. However, it must be consumed as found in specific peptide bonds. While whey protein by nature provides a rich and rare source for such bonded cysteine, it is largely destroyed in nearly all commercial applications.

Action Whey’s™ BioCysteine3® retains this critical structure, achieves the highest levels of naturally-occurring immune factors, and thus provides a greater impact on glutathione’s anti-aging benefits.

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